Do you walk around your home wanting it to look and feel better, but you don't know how to make that happen? There are many things you can do on your own to accomplish a refreshed home, without buying anything new. Here are some tips that address the most common questions and concerns people have about their home environment.



Wondering what color to paint your walls? Look at the things you like in your home and see if you have been drawn toward certain colors. If so, trust your personal instincts and taste. You've probably already chosen your color scheme without even knowing it! Wall color choice is best when it enhances and becomes a backdrop for your furnishings.

Words of caution:

·       Wait until all your furniture is in the room before making the final decision of what color to paint your walls. This will ensure that the color will complement your fabrics, textures, artwork, rugs, etc.

·       Always try a sample of the color choice on your wall first. A color that might have looked great at your previous home, or looks good on a paint chip, won't necessarily look the same on wall you're planning to paint because light sources affect how the color looks.

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Before you hang anything on your walls it's best to know exactly where your furniture will be placed. You want your pictures to work together with your furniture. 


·    Don't automatically hang something in the middle of the wall. It might not balance with the placement of your the rest of your furnishings.   

 ·       Art should be hung so the middle of the work is at eye-level for an adult. That averages about 57" above the floor.

·       Scale your artwork according to the size of your wall. For example, if you have a large wall, hang large art.

There are two main approaches to hanging pictures, "gallery" or "salon" style. There is no right or wrong with either style. It's a matter of personal preference. For further information about gallery vs. salon style, click here.


Friends and family will enjoy hanging out in your space if you create an inviting setting. Think in terms of groupings where people can sit and see each other in order to talk together.


·      It's best to place larger furniture furthest away from the entrance to a room, for ease of entry and for comfort.

·      Consider positioning the sofa away from a wall. If the room size allows it, this creates a more interesting arrangement.

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Grouping collections together is the most powerful way to display and enjoy the objects you cherish. If, for example, you collect cast-iron door stops, or are drawn to things that are yellow, gather them together to make a strong statement.

... and, three-of-a-kind makes a collection. 

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If you own something you absolutely love and want to see it on a regular basis, place it where you can enjoy looking at it. No room or area of your home is off limits for enjoying your stuff... that includes garden benches, bathrooms and closets!

It's your home.... make it yours! 


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