How do I Make the Magic Happen?

People generally understand what Fresh Twist by Jill is all about after talking with me for a few minutes. However, they are perplexed by how I do what I do. How do I make the magic happen?

i'm often asked, "Do you know how you're going to transform a space as soon as you walk into a home?" The answer is, "No!" In fact, that's not my first priority.

My first priority is getting to know my clients. I want to know what their home and surroundings mean to them and what they would like to achieve with their redesign. 

Of course, I look around at the space the moment I walk in - that's just who I am.  It's more important to me, though, to find out what my clients like and do not like about their living space. They tell me how they would like to use the room they want to transform, what particular items they want to keep in the redesign, and what items they would just as soon live without. 

Listening to my clients helps me understand what's important to them, so the transformed rooms reflect who they are and add their character and personality to their space.

After this conversation, I look around the entire home and gather ideas in order to start creating change and doing the Fresh Twist by Jill redesign.