What does "Being in the Zone" have to do with Magic and Fresh Twist by Jill?

Everything! The magic happens because I'm totally in the zone when I'm doing a Fresh Twist by Jill redesign. All of my creative energy, vision and passion are focused on my clients, their furnishings, and reimagining their space. I think of nothing else.

“...Happiness, or ‘flow’, occurs when we are: intensely focused on an activity of our own choosing, that is neither under-challenging (boreout) nor over-challenging (burnout), that has a clear objective, and that receives immediate feedback.”

— Mihalya Csikszentmihalya

Have you ever been so involved in an activity that the world could pass you by? That total immersion, thorough enjoyment, and energized focus is called, "being in the zone." It's an amazing state of being. The phrase "in the zone" grew out of the concept of "flow," which was coined in 1975 by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalya. He was fascinated by the phenomenon of artists getting lost in their work and conducted research to learn more about this state of mind.

It's as simple - and complex -  as that.

To learn more about the power of being in the zone, check out Mihaly Csikszentmihalya's TED talk.