Florida! Here I am!


I did it! I moved to Venice, Florida in July and absolutely love it here! Venice is a charming community on the Gulf of Mexico. It's home to many snowbirds, as well as people who have relocated from colder climates (myself being one of them!). It's also very dog friendly, as you'll see from the pic of Lydia at the "dog beach".

The light in Florida is very different from Central New York. As a home stager and redesign expert, as well as being a new resident of the sunshine state, I'm struck by the impact this has on home furnishings.

For example, my first "fresh twist" in my new home happened because my favorite wicker chair looked dull and too "northeast" for Florida. I created a patchwork cover for the pillows on the chair using leftover batik squares from a baby quilt I made last year. Here's the "new" chair and the baby quilt.  



It's fun figuring out how to merge my stuff with my new sunny Florida home. I look forward to helping clients in Florida enjoy their homes more, too.

I'll keep you posted on the "fresh twists" I design in my new life.