My New Home

Moving has given me the opportunity to put my redesign skills to the test in my new home, and I'm loving every minute! Here are a few examples of some of my old furniture reimagined in my new space:


The antique wooden tool box that served as my TV stand previously, now sits out boldly under my favorite painting.


 Tool Box in my previous home

Tool Box in my previous home


Tool box more prominent in new home

My "new" TV stand was in the foyer at my previous home.

Foyer of prior home

"new" TV stand 

The cupboard that displayed much of my pottery collection in my former living room, is now on my lanai. This is a perfect place to display my collection of cast-iron doorstops because weather can't hurt them, and they're too heavy to blow away!

In case you're wondering what I did with the pottery displayed in my former cupboard, I've rearranged the pieces in various places in my new home. See some of the pics below. 

Antique cupboard in my previous living room


pottery has a new place to be seen

Pottery redistributed around my home

antique cupboard on my new lanai


This kitchen doesn't have space for me to display my collection of mugs the way I did up north, but the shelf above the cabinets provides a great place for me to see my favorite pottery and enamelware everyday.


I'm in touch with renewed artistic yearnings lately and am excited to have time to see where this creative energy will lead. I'll keep you updated!