Redesigning my own den

Have you ever tried different arrangements in your room, but couldn't get it right? That's what I was dealing with in my den! I have a lovely den, but for some reason I never spent time there.

Moving into my new home, it took me a few months to get the feel for my den. Like my clients, I knew the room could be arranged in a more appealing way. I just needed to spend time reimagining the space.

The original arrangement was nice, but there were two things I wanted to change.



1. The wicker chair:  It was facing the hallway instead of the windows, and it felt cramped sitting in the corner of the room. 

2. Artwork: I was ready to see all the artwork I still had stored (from my move) in the garage. The den now seemed like the perfect spot to create a salon-style wall arrangement.


I had a great weekend redesigning my den! The room is so much more inviting now, that I sit in there all the time!