Recreating the family home

This homeowner wanted her home to be a comfortable environment for herself and her teenage daughters. Fresh Twist by Jill started in the family/livingroom, finding furniture from other spaces to fit the room better, simplifying the arrangement, and calming the entire room down. 

"Our family room was in desperate need of coordination. Jill and I found my mother's favorite chair in the attic and moved it to the living room, and that made such a difference! We hung a painting where I had never had artwork before, and repurposed a handcrafted table, from a computer desk to a focal point in the entryway.

It was great fun to reimagine everything with Jill.  Together we created a harmonious, comfortable environment. Her energy infused our time together. When we were done, we had accomplished a great deal and created two spaces that worked for our family."

M.I., Jamesville, NY