After years of helping friends and acquaintances freshen up their homes, rearrange their furniture, and rethink their environments, I decided to follow my passion and launch Fresh Twist by Jill.

What some people consider a chore, I consider fun!

I get energized and inspired each time I walk into a room with the goal of thinking out of the box and reimagining the space. I thrive on the challenge that each redesign project presents to me.

The best part of my business, however, is experiencing the excitement that clients feel, during and after the redesign process, as we ensure that their personality and interests are interjected into their space.

Having had a long career as a successful educator and psychotherapist, I know how to listen and hear what’s important. I'm able to set people at ease right away and they know that I respect them, that I am non-judgmental, and that I truly care about them and their goals.

working in the welding studio

My creativity has predominantly been expressed in home redesign, however it has also taken on other dimensions. Many years ago I designed and patented a diaper bag called “Cari-bag,” which was the first to incorporate a baby changing pad to use everywhere, now the standard in diaper bags.

My love for found objects is applied in mosaics and sculptures. In 2007 my metal sculpture, “Welding with Mom,” was selected by Syracuse University to be part of the "On My Own Time" exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art.

What I love about having created Fresh Twist by Jill is that it provides me the opportunity to share my talent and passion for design with my clients, so they may enjoy their homes, and their lives, more. 
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